Training Opportunities

The Highland E-Safety Strategy Group and pool of trainers offer a programme of  training opportunities and this includes the following;

  • The 1 day courses are included in The Highland Council ECS CPD calendar, contact Linda MacIver on 01349 863441 for more information. Participants must have completed a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Disclosure Scotland check at an enhanced level and must be registered with the website. The course aims to ensure that participants can confidently deliver ‘Internet Safety and Responsible Use’ sessions to young people and become TUK Trainers. The course contains the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) resources and is certificated.

The full course content can be accessed here (this is a work in progress and continuously updated!)

If we are asked to deliver (or support) an evening aimed at Parents/Carers, please consider the opportunity to combine this with work with the pupils during the day. The feedback from the pupils can be anonymised and presented to the parents, this makes the sessions contextual and far more relevant. The impact will be far greater than basing presentations on existing research alone.

We also offer other opportunities for continuing personal development.

  • An hour long  (or bespoke) session to raise awareness, can be delivered to specific groups of professionals in Highland.
  • An hour long session that can be designed as a Parents/Carers evening or school staff workshop.
  • Support for designing your own E-Safety / Digital Literacy event

It is part of the Highland approach to ensure we have as many folk as possible trained so that learning communities can continue to deliver ongoing education to children, young people and parents in a sustainable model.

For more information please contact Eliz MacIntosh on (01349) 868276


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