Safer Internet Day 2016

This global annual event was celebrated in 2009 in Highland for the first time and as first times go, it was quite a success with lots of media coverage. It is intended to make sure this event becomes a regular annual event on the calendar for Highland school communities. Next year’s event takes place on 9th February 2016 so watch this space for more info, or click here to visit the Safer Internet Day site directly

 Through the SID campaign schools and groups are encouraged to hold their own discussions, events and activities to make pupils and parents aware of the importance of being confident in the use of technologies in their digital lifestyles and ensure they know how to keep themselves safe. Having fun as well as reinforcing the benefits of using digital technology safely is the purpose of the initiative.  Below are some ideas that you can build on throughout the year.

  • Registering with the Highland E-Safety Strategy Group endorsed Thinkuknow website which provides free curriculum resources, screen savers and leaflets.
  • Revisit the Safe and Responsible Use of ICT Equipment school policies and co-create any new ideas.
  • Visit BrainPop, watch the videos and complete the free online safety materials
  • Holding your own discussions in classes about new favourite and popular sites, what’s the most popular sites with different age groups, Facebook v Twitter? What about other countries? How do their privacy settings work?
  • Bring (or Use) Your Own Device in school debates, is this a good or bad idea, how can this be done safely?
  • What are the future technologies creating the most buzz? What can you do with wearable technology? For good and for bad!?
  • Explore some of the best spoofs and myths created on the web that have become widespread or viral. Lesson ideas here.
  • Hold discussions about rights and responsibilities, the Scottish approach is presented here for children and young people. BeXcellent do online forums work in getting young people involved?
  • Use the Childnet’s Cyberbullying class resource to look at issues surrounding bullying and technology. Joe’s Story is still very relevant.
  • Design your own school safe and confident use of technology poster using an online tool such as Glogster Discover how to make your creative posters easily online. Collaborate using A Google Slide Presentation or Sway in Glow.
  • Ask pupils to think about creating educational resources for the younger pupils, this is a great example of a short story that can be shown to start discussions. Video from the Belgian Safer Internet Centre 
  • Looking at different search engines to develop skills in learning how to search the internet safely and critically examine the types of information through engines such as  Google Scholar or Kid Rex
  • Investigate the history of the internet and prepare presentations using an online tool such as Powntoo and search safely for images exploring licenses for usage such as creative commons
  • Discuss the aspects and myths around privacy, are privacy settings helpful? Do they work?
  • Create an online collaborative mindmap of all the points relating to internet safety using Mindmeister
  • Make sure all the library internet access points display information on using digital technology safely.
  • If you have a school website/newsletter put a news item on about Safer Internet Day.
  • Have the whole class make a cartoon avatar image of themselves and then play ‘guess who?’
  • Why not create your own font based on your handwriting and create your own posters, this free tool allows you to create your very own font, very cool! Font Generator
  • Explore the issues of downloading music, there are free leaflets and a great website resource
  • Use this clever clip about protecting your reputation online, this is a good discussion starter and developed by the clever people at link to the short clip is
  • Why not give out our new ‘Safe and Responsible Use of ICT Equipment’ cards PR13 - 46 - k - Safe and Responsible POSTCARD
  • Inform Parents/Carers of the work that the school is doing to promote safe and confident use of technology in school and home.

I hope this has given you a few ideas!! Please do let us know if you have an event or discussion with points of view or photos to share you’d like to share with the E-Safety Strategy Group in Highland.


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