Resources to Support Education Against Hate

January 20, 2016


This website was launched by the
UK Government as has resources for Parents and Carers, Teachers and Leaders covering education against hate.

The advice is very sensible and practical and is highly recommended.



As teachers you have a vital responsibility to safeguard the children in your care. Often you will notice behavioural changes in young people before their peers or even their parents. You also play a hugely important role in helping build the resilience of young people against all forms of harm, and preparing them for life in modern Britain.

You can help your pupils by understanding the factors underpinning extremism. By providing a safe space for them to debate controversial issues, you can also help them build the resilience and critical thinking skills they need to be able to challenge extremist arguments. This website will give you an understanding of extremism and radicalisation, what the warning signs are, and what action to take if you are concerned about the safety of a pupil.


Going to Uni? New resources

July 14, 2014


From our friends at the South West Grid for Learning

Many young adults are now looking forwards to going onto University representing a momentous occasion in their lives, often coupled with leaving home and signifying their first real taste of independence.

The internet will play an integral part in this transition, both in terms of socialising and learning, however some will face online issues such as cyberbullying and trolling, protecting their reputation and their privacy online.  Very often, these situations are compounded as the support systems they have relied upon in school are not as readily available to them anymore.

 With this in mind, The South West Grid for Learning have created some brand new fact sheets that Universities can adopt and share with their student communities. These are designed to provide some useful tips and links and above all provide some food for thought for students to consider their online behaviour and its consequences.

‘Internet Matters’ Site is Launched

May 13, 2014

Internet Matters

In the news this morning…

Is the coming together of four of the UK’s big internet providers to launch a new site, Internet Matters:

This is a useful site designed to provide some support and guidance to parents who are concerned about what their kids are up to whilst online. There are some useful links from within the site which are worth following for even more information.

Support for Adoptive Parents and Carers

September 17, 2013

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre  (CEOP)  have launched two new videos this week which are hugely helpful.  The two videos aim to provide advice and guidance to professionals working with adoptive parents and parents themselves.  For further support we would like to highlight  The British Association for Adoption and Fostering  (BAAF) as they provide guidance and direct support for professionals and families. There is still a need for educational resources tackling these sensitive issues, these but these two videos provide a good starting point in raising awareness of the additional concerns surrounding online activities and vulnerable groups of children and young people.

For Adoptive Parents

Issues for Carers of Looked After Children

Online Safety Guidance on

August 24, 2013



The UK Safer Internet Centre have provided helpful information on which we would like to share with colleagues in Highland.

“In response to rising questions to the Professionals Online Safety Helpline, we have created a really simple Fact Sheet that clearly explains aspects of Ask.FM.  The most common questions are ‘How do I report issues to Ask.FM?’ and ‘How do I turn off anonymous postings with Ask.FM?’.  Well the fact sheet explains how to do both of these” You can access the Fact Sheet here.

Mobile Phone Guidance 2013

June 17, 2013

Mobile Phone Safety

Each year in Highland we provide a letter with advice to support Parents / Carers, the latest version can be downloaded or viewed by clicking this link  Mobile Phone Advice Letter 2013

Police Scotland and The Highland Council are exploring every way possible to raise awareness of being safe and keeping others safe using any type of digital device or equipment, however there is still a need for a specific focus on mobile phones, especially over the summer months when many young people will get the first mobile phone as they make the transition to secondary school.

The Mobile Phone Advice Letter provides a good starting for parents/carers to discuss the safety aspects of owning a mobile phone and also learn about the new additional functions the latest smart phones provide. The advice has been developed to promote a safer online community and is part of the approach to learning about how to use technology safely and responsibly that takes place in schools.

The letter has been developed by The Highland E-Safety Group which is a partnership group consisting of The Highland Council, Police Scotland , NHS Highland, High Life Highland and Fujitsu. The Group provide helpful resources to parents/carers, professionals and children and young people on a range of E-Safety topics.

Be Safe and Keep Others Safe Online! Guidance for Parents and Carers

March 8, 2013

On behalf of the Highland E-Safety Group I am pleased to highlight to you our new offering of guidance for Parents and Carers, but actually it’s going to be useful for anyone interested in safety online. This is a 4 page article which is going out as a supplement with the April edition of the  Highland Life Magazine

Feel free to download here Be Safe and Keep Others Safe When Online and share with anyone you feel would benefit from reading it. It has been written to reflect a balanced approach, acknowledging benefits and offers practical tips for Parents and Carers to share with their children. There’s a few links and ideas to get folks thinking too thrown in for good measure.

Thank you to The Highland Council, Health and Social Care service who supported the publication.

Be Safe and Keep others Safe Online