Resources to Support Education Against Hate


This website was launched by the
UK Government as has resources for Parents and Carers, Teachers and Leaders covering education against hate.

The advice is very sensible and practical and is highly recommended.



As teachers you have a vital responsibility to safeguard the children in your care. Often you will notice behavioural changes in young people before their peers or even their parents. You also play a hugely important role in helping build the resilience of young people against all forms of harm, and preparing them for life in modern Britain.

You can help your pupils by understanding the factors underpinning extremism. By providing a safe space for them to debate controversial issues, you can also help them build the resilience and critical thinking skills they need to be able to challenge extremist arguments. This website will give you an understanding of extremism and radicalisation, what the warning signs are, and what action to take if you are concerned about the safety of a pupil.


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