New TUK Resources



On behalf on CEOP and the Thinkuknow Team

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Thinkuknow Toolkit, with fifteen fun, engaging learning activities based on the 11-13 and 14+ areas of the website.

The Toolkit helps you transform the Thinkuknow website from a reference tool into an interactive resource. With clear practitioner guidance and engaging photocopiable learning materials, each activity gets young people thinking and talking about key issues related to sex, relationships and the internet, delivers safety messages, and encourages them to return to the website in their own time.

Topics include sexting, webcam, using social networks, inappropriate content and chatting with strangers online. Young people ‘speed friend’ fictional characters before finding out who they have really contacted online; debate the rights and wrongs of a media story about a celebrity whose nude selfies were leaked online; and design their own apps to help their peers stay safe.

You can download the Thinkuknow Toolkit now! You’ll find it under the Key Stage 3/4 tab in the Resources section of your online account

Don’t forget you’ll find plenty more resources for use with children and young people aged 5 to 17, and with parents, at


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