Can I Be Your Friend?

May 13, 2014

From time to time, links to video clips which are particularly effective and worth sharing with pupils and parents alike, will be posted on this blog.

The link below is to a fun video clip (created by English National Opera) which ably demonstrates how our actions, requests and even terminology used in the ‘online world’ can look very silly and desperate when translated into the ‘real’ world. This clip was shown to P6 and P7 pupils at Milton of Leys Primary yesterday (Mon 12th May’14) and generated much discussion and proved to be more thought provoking than originally expected.



‘Internet Matters’ Site is Launched

May 13, 2014

Internet Matters

In the news this morning…

Is the coming together of four of the UK’s big internet providers to launch a new site, Internet Matters:

This is a useful site designed to provide some support and guidance to parents who are concerned about what their kids are up to whilst online. There are some useful links from within the site which are worth following for even more information.

This Blog is Alive….With the Sound of E-Safety….!!!!

May 13, 2014







This blog has been inactive recently due to a change of personnel with lead responsibility for E-Safety but will now be regularly updated in a similar way to previous years and building on the excellent work started by Louise Jones.

I would encourage you to subscribe to this blog so that you receive automatic notification of any new posts and are kept in the loop of any key developments in the world of Internet Safety.

Robert Quigley

Head Teacher, Milton of Leys Primary