Mobile Phone Guidance 2013

June 17, 2013

Mobile Phone Safety

Each year in Highland we provide a letter with advice to support Parents / Carers, the latest version can be downloaded or viewed by clicking this link  Mobile Phone Advice Letter 2013

Police Scotland and The Highland Council are exploring every way possible to raise awareness of being safe and keeping others safe using any type of digital device or equipment, however there is still a need for a specific focus on mobile phones, especially over the summer months when many young people will get the first mobile phone as they make the transition to secondary school.

The Mobile Phone Advice Letter provides a good starting for parents/carers to discuss the safety aspects of owning a mobile phone and also learn about the new additional functions the latest smart phones provide. The advice has been developed to promote a safer online community and is part of the approach to learning about how to use technology safely and responsibly that takes place in schools.

The letter has been developed by The Highland E-Safety Group which is a partnership group consisting of The Highland Council, Police Scotland , NHS Highland, High Life Highland and Fujitsu. The Group provide helpful resources to parents/carers, professionals and children and young people on a range of E-Safety topics.