Reporting Online Criminal Content

Be Safe and Keep Others Safe Online’ is a little motto we have begun to use here, it sums up the approach we are taking in our advice and guidance. We believe that everyone has a role in making the internet and the sites we use safer in terms of content, conduct and contact. We recognise that we all have a role to play, even if it is by modelling good use of social media sites, communication tools and mobile devices or reporting content that raises concerns. The Highland E-Safety Group soon will be  releasing a new guide for parents and carers and we will go into some of these thoughts in detail. It will be published here for download soon.

We often get asked how to report content online and we direct people to the Internet Watch Foundation  Reporting anything can be worrying for the person reporting it so the IWF have provided a short clip on  how you can report content that you believe should not be there and how you are protected as the person reporting it. This can be content anywhere on the internet and no matter where it has originated.


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