Highland School Also Wins National Internet Safety Competition

Two pupils from Mount Pleasant Primary School, Abbie and Rebecca won first prize in a National Competition for Internet Safety Resources.  As part of a Scottish Government action plan to improve internet safety a competition was launched in conjunction with Young Scot and Learning and Teaching  Scotland.

Abbie and Rebecca planned, designed and made a game which would be played by primary age children.  Their game was designed to promote internet safety and was a cross between Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly.  Pupils would throw a dice and move round the board which was laid out like Snakes and Ladders.  If they landed on a “Bad space” they would pick up an Exclamation Mark card which would give a bad example of internet safety, eg “You have given out your password to your friend, move back 2 spaces”.  The Question Mark cards were good examples of internet safety eg “You have changed your password, move forward 2 spaces”.

They were overall winners on the Primary Age Group and won a Digital Flip HD video camera for the school.  Mount Pleasant School was so delighted with their new camera that they bought the girls a pink USB stick for their transition to High School.  Their game will be manufactured and included in a resource pack which will be distributed to schools and will be able to be viewed on the website http://www.scotland.gov.uk/InternetSafety

They were both delighted and hope that their game will help 7-11 year olds understand how to keep safe online.


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