Internet safety competition

March 4, 2010

The Scottish Government has announced the launch of an action plan and marketing campaign to improve the safety of children on the internet and prevent problems such as cyber bullying, internet fraud and online grooming. Part of the campaign includes an internet safety competition which will be run in conjunction with Young Scot and Learning and Teaching Scotland.

The competition is to design an original resource to teach others about online safety. It is broken down into three main categories:

A: Resources for primary school children

B: Resources for secondary school children

C: Resources for parents and grandparents.

There is also a special category for adults, like teachers, youth workers and even parents, to enter a resource that they have developed to help teach children and young people about staying safe online:

D. Original resources for children and young people.

Anyone under the age of 16 can enter categories A, B and C. You don’t have to enter the category for the group that is the same age as you.

Adults working with children and young people can enter category D and submit an original resource that they have developed to explore issues around online safety.

The deadline for entries is Thursday 1 April 2010.

For details of how to enter download this Internet Safety Competition_tcm4-586923.doc