Using drama to support E-Safety education

A new play being toured in Highland secondary schools aims to teach pupils how to use the internet responsibly and avoid cyber bullying.

“The Cyber Room” presented by Eden Court Theatre’s Arts Education Department with The Highland Council starts today (22 Feb) in Grantown Grammar and Kingussie High and will tour other Highland secondary schools until 12 March.

The plot of the play has four 15 year-olds meeting in an internet chat-room. What brings them there? Are they all who they say they are?  Is the room really what it appears to be?  Is someone trying to manipulate the encounter?

This 50-minute play, with post-show discussion, deals with: internet safety and young people; bullying, identity, responsibility and friendship in an internet setting.

The key messages that the play aims to convey are: the importance of using the internet responsibly; to encourage pupils think more carefully about they are talking to online; and to know where they can report someone whose behaviour online is causing them concern.

Councillor Bill Fernie, Chairman of The Highland Council’s Education, Culture and Sport Committee said: “Raising awareness of cyber bullying in a non-threatening way through drama is a very commendable approach at getting the message across to young people.  I am delighted that this work through our Arts Links Officer, Lynn Johnson and Health Promoting Schools Manager, Louise Jones who is also supporting other initiatives and Cyber bullying Guidance that we introduced to staff at the end of last year.”


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