Downloading Music Advice and Introducing Copyright

One area we cover on our Internet Safety and Responsible Use training is downloading music. We recommend the Pro-music / Childnet leaflet that can be donloaded here.

This website is a must for all wanting to find out more, it’s suitable for young people, parents and all professionals. It could also be used as a context for learning.

 It’s a global resource that covers all the news and views, do’s and don’t about using the internet legitmately to access music. Why not put it on your favourites page?

I would see this featuring as a key part of a program of Internet Safety in schools and it could also be considered in curriculum areas such as Expressive Arts, Technologies, Health and Wellbeing..I would also add Literacy in there as you could be looking at skills for critical thinking and searching the ownership / validity of text

Why not try it and let us know how you get on? You could show pupils during a lesson and discuss favourite sites, what music is most downloaded? You could use this as a way to begin to introduce issues of copyright. It’s got a great page that explodes myths which again can be great discussion tools.

Once the subject of copyright is introduced you could also use some of the teaching resources highlighted here by the World Internet Property Organisation.

Please feel free to add comments or more ideas, I’m sure there are plenty!


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