Reporting Illegal Content

March 19, 2009


Internet Watch Foundation

Internet Watch Foundation


The Internet Watch Foundation is a key partner in the UKCCIS and also works hand in hand with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) the main agency for Internet Safety in the United Kingdom.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) provides the only INTERNET  ‘hotline’ for reporting illegal images on the web. The Highland E-Safety Group supplies information to Parents / Carers and Professionals in Highland regarding the IWF so that Highlanders are aware of how they can keep themselves safe online and report any illegal content. The IWF works in partnership with Police, Government and the Internet Industry to minimise the availability of illegal content online. Our advice is that if you see any images or content online that you think fits into any of these categories, please do report it to the IWF.

  • child abuse images
  • criminally obscene images
  • criminally racist content

The Internet Watch Foundation hope to make the Internet a safer place for everyone and have provided an easy to complete step by step report process on their website. Of course –  if you have any immediate concerns about anyone’s welfare please do dial 999. There is also new information on our brand new web page on The Highland Council dedicated to Internet Safety for Children & Young People, Parens and Carers please stop by and take a look.